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We offer a free no obligation vehicle valuation

We have been purchasing Sports, 4x4 and Prestige vehicles for over 20 years.

Our team of Specialist Buyers can QUOTE, CONFIRM, MAKE PAYMENT & COLLECT all within 24 hours.

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Why choose us?

  • Secure Fast Payment
  • Nationwide Collection
  • Best Prices Paid
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Fast & Friendly Service
  • Outstanding Finance Settled
  • Highly Experienced Buyers
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What vehicles do we buy?

  • Prestige, Performance & Luxury
  • Good Service History
  • UK Vehicles
  • 4x4 Vehicles
  • Limited Edition Vehicles


Q: If I sell the car to you how does it work from there?

A: We will email you to confirm everything and arrange collection/delivery date and time. It really is very straightforward.

Q: Do you collect the car or do I have to bring it to you?

A: We have a team of drivers and are able to offer collection throughout the UK.

Q: Can you collect from my place of business or home address?

A: Yes, we are able to meet individual requirements and can usually accommodate that for you, please enquire.

Q: Do you collect on weekends?

A: Yes, however we prefer to collect week days to ensure payments go through smoothly. Most finance companies are also closed weekends so payments to them cannot be confirmed until Monday morning.

Q: I have outstanding finance on my car, do I have to pay it off?

A: No you don’t. We deal with all the major finance companies on a daily basis. We will settle any finance outstanding directly with them on your behalf.

Q: How do you make payment?

A: We pay by direct bank transfer. It is both secure and very reliable . Finance settlements are made in the same way.

Q: How long does it take for payment to go through?

A: Once payment has been made, cleared funds will usually credit your account within an hour. If the banks are exceptionally busy it may take slightly longer.

Q: What if I have a private registration number?

A: All you need to do is let us know whether you want the plate retaining or transferring, we will do the rest for you. Our admin team look after cherished transfers from many of our customers and are in regular contact with DVLA to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Q: I'm sceptical about car garages, can I drop the car off with you?

A: Yes, no problem at all. We have full dealership facilities, you can enjoy a coffee and look around at our stock while the payment goes through – who knows, you may just buy your next car from us!