Transforming the G87 BMW M2: A Masterpiece in Motion


At GC Motors, we don't just sell cars; we curate experiences. We believe in the power of transformation, taking exceptional vehicles and elevating them to unparalleled levels of performance and style. Today, we're thrilled to unveil our latest masterpiece: the meticulously modified G87 BMW M2.


Before the Transformation:

Before diving into the details of our modifications, let's take a moment to appreciate the raw beauty of the G87 BMW M2 in its stock form. The enhanced stability and poised composure of the new M2 distinguish it from the previous model, a vehicle that often exhibited a slight nervousness. However, this characteristic arguably contributed to its exhilarating performance. The M2 has always been the most fun car out the BMW’s M Line up, it’s safe to say the new G87 model does not disappoint and has definitely surpassed in predecessor across the board.


Prepare to be amazed as we unveil the stunning enhancements, we've made to the G87 BMW M2:

1. CT Carbon Fibre & Alcantara LED Flat Bottom Steering Wheel: Elevating the driving experience with a blend of luxury and performance.

2. ADRO Carbon Fibre Front Grilles: Adding an aggressive edge to the front fascia, signalling the M2's commanding presence.

3. Carbon Factory M Performance Style Carbon Fibre Roof Spoiler: Enhancing aerodynamics while exuding race-inspired aesthetics.

4. CT Carbon Fibre Wing Mirrors: Combining form and function for a sleek, aerodynamic profile.

5. Matte Bronze 20”/21” Projex FS1 Alloys: Making a bold statement with distinctive, custom wheels.

6. Gloss Black Rear M2 Badge: Adding a touch of sophistication to the rear design.

7. M 50th Anniversary Carbon Fibre Badging: Celebrating heritage and performance with exclusive badging throughout the vehicle.

8. CT Carbon Fibre Seat Backs: Redefining luxury with meticulously crafted carbon fibre accents.

9. M Performance Carbon Fibre Door Sill Trims: Welcoming drivers into a world of performance and precision.

10. M Performance Door Pins: Enhancing every detail, down to the smallest features.

Our Commitment to Excellence:

Every modification you see on this transformed BMW M2 was expertly installed by our dedicated team of professionals. From our service centre to our body shop, we spared no effort in ensuring that every detail was executed to perfection.

Whether you're looking to enhance the performance, style, or comfort of your vehicle, our service centre and body shop are equipped to bring your vision to life. Trust us to transform your car into a reflection of your unique personality and style.

Experience the difference at GC Motors, where innovation meets craftsmanship, and ordinary cars become extraordinary works of art. Visit us today and discover what's possible when passion and expertise collide.