A True Drivers Dream: The 2018 Ariel Atom 3.5


Few names evoke the same level of excitement and adrenaline as the Ariel Atom. The 2018 Atom 3.5 is a machine that offers a truly unique driving experience. In this blog post, we'll dive into the specs and features of this remarkable car and compare it to other similar vehicles in its class.


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Engine and Power:


At the heart of the 2018 Ariel Atom lies Honda’s K20 naturally aspirated 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 245 brake horsepower at a staggering 461 horsepower per tonne! This powerplant is mated to Honda’s close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission, delivering power to the rear wheels. It's worth noting that the 245 BHP variant is more than just a powerhouse; it's a precision-engineered machine designed for performance enthusiasts who crave the ultimate driving experience.




When it comes to performance, the Atom doesn't disappoint. Its lightweight chassis, weighing in at just over 550 kg, combined with the ample power of the engine, translates to a 0-60 mph time of just 3.1 seconds. This blistering acceleration puts the Atom in the same league as some of the most renowned sports cars on the market.

Handling and Suspension:


The Atom's handling prowess is where it truly shines. Equipped with fully independent double-wishbone suspension at all four corners, it offers exceptional grip and responsiveness. The lightweight construction and precise steering make it feel like an extension of the driver's body. In fact, the Atom's handling is often compared to that of go-karts, providing an unmatched connection between the driver and the road.


Unique Design:


The design of the 2018 Ariel Atom is minimalist and functional, embodying the brand's philosophy of "less is more." It lacks traditional body panels, doors, and a roof, leaving the mechanical components exposed. This design not only reduces weight but also enhances the visceral driving experience, allowing you to hear and feel every mechanical nuance.


Comparisons to Similar Cars:


Caterham Seven 620R: The Caterham Seven 620R is another track-focused, open-top sports car. It boasts similar performance figures, with a 0-60 mph time of around 2.8 seconds. However, the Atom's unique design and exposed components give it an edge in terms of raw driving experience.


KTM X-Bow: The KTM X-Bow is a close rival to the Ariel Atom in terms of design and driving experience. With similar power and performance, choosing between the two often comes down to personal preference. Some may favour the Atom's more minimalist approach, while others may be drawn to the X-Bow's edgier styling.


BAC Mono: The BAC Mono is another go-kart esque high-performance car that shares similarities with the Atom. It offers similar power and acceleration but has a more futuristic and aerodynamic design. The choice between the two may come down to whether you prefer the Atom's raw, exposed mechanicals or the Mono's sleek, enclosed body.




The 2018 Ariel Atom is a true enthusiast's dream, offering a no-frills, pure driving experience that few cars can match. With its lightweight construction, powerful engine, and exceptional handling, it's a track-ready machine that can hold its own against some of the best sports cars in the world. Whether you're a seasoned driver or a thrill-seeker looking to experience the pinnacle of automotive excitement, the Ariel Atom is a car that deserves your attention.