6 Tips for buying a car in the midst of COVID-19

Buying a car is an exciting experience, and we have 6 top tips to keep it that way in the current COVID climate.

6) Request a personal video 

In place of physically viewing a car, you can always request a personalised video from a car dealership. With new technology, most will be able to accommodate. To ensure you get the most of a video; Make a list of things you want to know or see then send them across to the member of staff for them to show and answer on the video. 

GC Motors

All of our team are highly trained and well versed in creating personalised videos, although some may have a face more suited for radio. Feel free to send any request across and they will be happy to accommodate your questions in your video. 

5) Making sure to get the best deal

Making sure you get the right deal is all about research, luckily sites like Autotrader & CarGurus have a price indicator to help take the pain out of the task. These tools aggregate all the pricing on the site to and benchmark them as excellent, Good, Fair ETC.

(If you are looking at something a little bit special or the price point only states FAIR make sure you check the specifications of the vehicle, although these tools are a great guide they often concentrate on the basic or base models.)

GC Motors

Our team of buyers expertly pick the right cars on a daily basis, not only that our stock goes through a rigorous price check every evening to ensure we are the most competitive in the market on like for like cars.

GC Motors will beat any genuine deal on a like for like car under 30000 miles and over £30,000 within a 100-mile radius of our showroom.

4) Gauging a business’s credibility

Not physically seeing the car dealership or the people who work in it can be daunting, yet there are ways of recognising how they treat their customers. Websites like www.cardealerreviews.co.uk are a great source of customer feedback, most car dealers’ have reviews on Facebook pages, google business pages and reviews live on AutoTrader which can help build a picture on the dealer's credibility.

Top Tip

Too good to be true: be wary of businesses with 5/5 or 5*'s ultimately things can go wrong and great businesses deal with issues upfront, a good indicator is a negative review and a reply, which shows intent to help.

GC Motors

We are proud to have a 4.6/5 (200 review) on car dealer review, 4.9/5 (230 reviews) on Autotrader & 4.5/5 (510 reviews) on Google.

3)Keeping safe in a showroom

In line with the Governments advice, showrooms are deemed as a retail space with facemasks & social distancing required, but there are more ways to make sure you keep safe. 

Book an appointment, many dealerships are appointment only to ensure they can abide by the rules, if in doubt call ahead to make sure. 

Sanitise, most dealerships will offer hand sanitiser and have the cars sanitised prior to your viewing; however, for peace of mind its always a good idea to carry your own and wipe down contact points if you are viewing a car with anti-viral wipes.

Take your viewing outside, if you feel safer being in the open air you can always request that the viewing be held outside in the forecourt; most dealerships should be able to accommodate this request. 

GC Motors

We are working on an appointment-only basis with all staff & guests temperature checked prior to entry and a 1-way system in place throughout the building. All of our cars are thoroughly cleaned and we offer hand sanitiser and wipes for all customers. Text here ...

2) Buying remotely

If visiting the dealership doesn't feel right for you that's ok, most will be able to facilitate remote sales. this has become even easier now with the adoption by most finance providers of digital signatures or e-signatures.

This now means that you can purchase your car remotely, have funds cleared and the car released in your name without stepping inside of a car showroom.

GC Motors

we are extremely well versed at handling sales at distance, ensuring we are fair complaint and easy to deal with at all times.

We also offer delivery at cost nationwide, with our own expert team of drivers.

1) Plan Ahead

With current restriction and everybody playing their part trying to keep each other safe, it may not be as easy to spend a weekend visiting car dealerships.

To ensure you make the best use of your time and to help you find the best deal, it is always best to do online research online - whether that be on Autotrader or car forums. Creating a shortlist of the cars you like, that meet your needs and then price checking what is available can massively alleviate any drain on your time and will get you the best deal on your car.

Jot down five must-haves, your budget, fuel consumption and reason for your next car and then make a list and see what make/Model comes out top.

GC Motors

Our team of sales experts are on hand to help you every step of the way. Not sure about what car fits your needs best? Feel free to call or chat with one of the team.